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  1. All LEO'S mentioned are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
  2. [GA] Atlanta Police did Officer Stanley Street no favors by letting him stay a cop
  3. [GA] Who would beat the wife of a DeKalb County Police Sgt, leave her for dead, and why?
  4. [CA] Retired LAPD Detective DeJarnette arrested again about the homicide of his wife Yu
  5. [SC] "Emotions running high over billboards criticizing Iva Police"
  6. [PA] Philadelphia Police Officer Gonzalez arrested for domestic assault and terroristic threatening
  7. [SC] Sheriff's Cpl. Winningham fired and charged after reportedly pistol whipping, punching, kicking, shooting towards wife
  8. [CT] Arrested again for domestic violence, Officer Grant resigns - so keeps pension
  9. [CO] Did risk factors in Boulder police officer's domestic stalking / threat case start in the Middle East?
  10. [NJ] CONVICTED: Moorestown Officer Melia and his girlfriend Heather Lewis who molested teens they took in
  11. [NY] State Police Captain's missing wife, Cynthia Gavitt, found.
  12. Ex-Officer Britton gets 6 months in shooting death of his wife
  13. Gun-Dealing, Drug-Dealing, Child-Abusing, Torturing and Murdering of American Citizens by NYPD Officers has cost tax-payers $22,000,000 in One Year
  14. [CA] Police Chief's wife Brinda McCoy on trial for shooting at police officers
  15. [NJ] Police Officer Klementovich's standoff: "Tell the police I have a surprise for them..."
  16. Keeping this display of officer-involved domestic violence fatalities on top from now on...
  17. [UK] Dorset Police Officer Cherry accused of brutal attack on pregnant fellow officer ex-girlfriend
  18. [RI] Officer Andreozzi charged with disorderly conduct for suspected threats toward his own family
  19. [IL] Evelyn wanted a divorce from Chicago Police Officer Mertl
  20. [PA] Pittsburgh Police again bypass law-abiding officers to promote it's most controversial.
  21. [FL] An overflow of response to the shooting death of Michelle O'Connell
  22. Ex-Police Officer Stroud sentenced to 16 years to life for murder of his wife
  23. SUSAN MURPHY-MILANO on a new journey.
  24. [AL] Sweet Cormella, shot and killed by her husband, recently resigned Anniston police officer Boyd
  25. [CA] Charged with domestic violence: San Francisco Sheriff's Lieutenant Vincent Calvarese
  26. [CA] Deputy Pzdolski's arrested for "possible" domestic violence
  27. [ME] Resigned Officer Darnell doesn't have to serve his time on domestic charges - though he doesn't stop.
  28. [ND] Former officer McGlaughlin who murdered girlfriend Henrietta in '88 getting out early for good behavior
  29. [CA] Retired Officer Pierini charged with domestic violence felonies
  30. A Study Of Police Officers Arrested For Crimes
  31. Jury finds Avon Police Officer Parker did murder girlfriend
  32. [PA] Ex Altoona Police Detective Zahradnik
  33. Before Police Lt. Flight "retired"
  34. "When women intentionally and maliciously turn on one another..."
  35. [LA] St. John County Sheriff's Lieutenant Conrad Lewis Arrested for Battering Girlfriend, Drug Possession
  36. [WA] Benton Co. Sheriff's Deputy Campos walks away from domestic violence charges
  37. [MI] Jennifer Webb's fight for her and her son Braxton's life helped convict Officer Bluew of their murders
  38. [OH] Lancaster Police Officer Randy Bartow and his girlfriend Stephanie Adams murdered by her ex-husband
  39. [OH] Toledo Police Sgt. Mosley about his roadside domestic argument
  40. [PA] Never forgetting Iris Ramos, her life stolen in her cop husband's murder-suicide
  41. [AL] Sheriff's Major Sims indicted for murder in the death of wife, Sheriff's Captain Brenda Sims
  42. [GA] Another domestic violence call to Officer Difiore's house
  43. [CA] The Long Beach Police Officer, Brandon Preciado, who brutally, repeatedly beat and tortured wife gets 12 years
  44. [WA] Benton County Sheriff's Deputy Abel Campos resigned Friday before he could be fired for allegedly hitting his wife
  45. [MO] Dana Ison's police officer husband quit his job, shot her mother, killed Dana, then killed himself
  46. [FL] Will Orlando Police Officer Sidders finally be held accountable?
  47. [AL] 4 years ago today Marshall County Sheriff's Investigator David Lowe was shot and killed by his wife Kathy
  48. [TN] Murfreesboro Police Officer Whitehead accused of beating 9 year old daughter he has custody of
  49. [PA] Goodbye to Officer Sean Quinn
  50. [WA] SPD Officer Donnie Lowe and the vanishing domestic violence charges
  51. [TX] Deputy Fields and Becky were loved by all.
  52. [NV] Nevada State Assemblyman Steven Brooks attacked wife, officers
  53. [CA] Ex-LAPD Dorner claimed to be the victim of women in his life as well
  54. [CT] Never forgetting Donna Bochicchio, who knew her retired 21-year veteran state trooper husband would kill her [2005]
  55. [IL] INTRODUCED: LINE OF DUTY SUICIDE House bill 2688, Senate Bill 1653
  56. [MA] Im in fear every day
  57. [AZ] Officer Shockley charged with domestic violence
  58. [VA] Date-rape-acquitted Officer Miner changed name to Officer Rousch but now rearrested
  59. [FL] Sheriff's Detective Rauber arrested on Battery Domestic Violence
  60. [WA] 10 years after Tacoma police chief David Brame's murder-suicide of wife Crystal Judson - Articles from the News Tribune
  61. [AL] Selma Police Officer shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Keoshia Hill (aka Yoshi), her step-father Bill Jackson, then himself
  62. [MA] Domestic charges against Holyoke Officer Alicea dropped because wife won't testify
  63. [IL] Over 5000 people would like a deeper investigation into the said-suicide of Molly Young
  64. [KS] Vashti Forrest did not kill herself. Her lawman husband is convicted of 1st degree murder.
  65. [NY] Blessings to the family of MTA Officer Elizabeth Mahfouz