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  1. The Good
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  9. A lilttle old, But classic
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  13. Arlington Texas Police Officer Calls Child "Nigger Baby"
  14. NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Laughs at Police Brutality Account
  15. Chicago PD Police Chief On Leave After 88 Police Brutality Compla
  16. Police Brutality All Star Video
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  18. Martin Luther King Speaks Out Against Police Brutality as OCCUPY
  19. Arlington Police Officer Department Turn No Signal
  20. my little night stick is going to get a workout tonight"
  21. Police Attack Occupy Wall Street Protesters Oct 5th
  22. 5 most popular police videos of July
  23. Officer Anthony Bologna's second unjustified pepperspray attack
  24. Handcuffed Man Shot and Killed In Police Car in Jonesboro Arkansa
  25. The Michael Nida Case
  26. Lowell MA Cops Refuse Fatherís Child Abuse Complaint, Banish Reporter
  27. Seattle Police Abuse At It's Best
  28. The driver is a DICK yes, But Officer Felix Recio is a HUGE ASSHOLE
  29. Arlington TX Police Officer Choke Slams Teenage Girl
  30. Anyone Know who the FAT AFRICAN
  31. Cops with flashlights that can't shut up
  32. NYPD Strikes Protester with baton after other officer has him restrained