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  1. Police Abuse: Culpeper Police Officer Charged in Fatal February Shooting
  2. Mob throws flares at police in Capitol Hill demonstration
  3. Fairfax Co. to target aggressive drivers all summer
  4. Poll: Don't use drones for traffic tickets
  5. Family of teen killed by Balto. Co. police officer hires attorney
  6. Police Abuse Search Terms
  7. Omaha Police Officer Gets Her Job Back
  8. Police Abuse@Badgeabuse.com: Former Deputy Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison
  9. Police Abuse@Badgeabuse.com : New Jersey cop surrenders after 10-hour standoff with police
  10. Police Abuse@Badgeabuse.com: Officer Faces Manslaughter Charges in a Bronx Death
  11. Police Officers that LIE what should be done to them?
  12. Sanford police chief fired in wake of Trayvon Martin case
  13. Ralph Justice, Prince William County Jail Officer, Arrested For Conspiracy To Commit Forcible Sodomy
  14. Texas sheriff grants sick child’s cowboy wish
  15. This Week's Corrupt Cops Stories 6/25/2012
  16. Cop lets prisoner go for sex!!
  17. Cop sex offender? Really?
  18. Drug stealing cops? Wow!
  19. Greedy cop may well see criminals free
  20. Police abuse: : He turned to me and said, No one will believe you
  21. Crime Report Manipulation Is Common Among New York Police, Study Finds
  22. Appeals Court Calls a Stop-and-Frisk Illegal
  23. Rodney King Case Changed Perceptions of Police Brutality
  24. Police Abuse Stats
  25. More Police Use YouTube To Tell Their Version Of Events
  26. Abusing the badge
  27. Father of homeless man beaten to death sues police in California
  28. Police Misconduct Remains Unchecked
  29. Police fire rubber bullets at protesters
  30. 28 gunshots versus 6 - totally justified
  31. Florida police Taser an unruly jaywalker three times.
  32. YPD officer allegedly stole and sold guns from precinct to fuel drug habit.
  33. Mexican police arrest officer suspected in airport shooting
  34. Jury being picked for Pittsburgh police beating lawsuit
  35. Off duty officer one-punches man into coma. (video)
  36. Fourteenth Baltimore Police Officer Sentenced in Towing Extortion
  37. Cops murder innocent man in his own home.
  38. Half-Off Tacos for Officers: Prohibited, but Part of Job
  39. Lawsuit Brews After Cop Beats Old Man With Dementia
  40. Florida police captain charged after teen claims he made her strip
  41. Ex-police officer gets 4 years for suspect abuse.
  42. Third Day of Protests Police Shooting of Unarmed Latino
  43. Anaheim police shoot at burglary suspect amid tensions Read more
  44. Operation Anaheim: Anonymous Calls for Disneyland Home City Boyco
  45. Operation Anaheim: Anonymous and Occupy Join Police Brutality Pro
  46. Colorado Batman Shooting: Suspect James Holmes Refuses to Answer
  47. Aurora Colorado Gun Rampage: Sick Prankster Captain Janks Claimed
  48. Anonymous Targets Turkish Police and Intelligence Agency to Back
  49. Aurora Colorado Shooting: Bomb Squad Moves in on Suspect James Ho
  50. Colorado Batman Massacre: Three Arrests as Copycat Hysteria Sprea
  51. Boy, 12, sworn in as Colo. officer dies
  52. Video: Melee after Calif. officer-involved shooting
  53. Video: Traffic stop leads to Ala. officer's firing
  54. Deceased Identified in Officer-Involved Shooting
  55. Officer-Involved Shooting
  56. Video: Traffic stop leads to Ala. officer's firing
  57. Cambodian gang threatens to kill Phila. officer
  58. Ala. cops make arrest in 2002 officer killing
  59. Seattle strikes deal on police actions
  60. 2 officers shot, K-9 dead in Ind. standoff
  61. Fatal officer-involved shooting in Anchorage, Alaska
  62. Police arrest Elmo
  63. China police officer saves suicidal man on window ledge
  64. Police Dog Called to Testify in Court
  65. World's Wildest Police Videos: Botched Motorcycle Getaway
  66. Hollywood vs. Reality: Officer-involved Shootings
  67. Boston Police respond to hackers
  68. Conn. police cruiser crash kills 2 teens
  69. 2 Dead, 2 Officers Shot In Shootout
  70. Two Ind. Officers Shot, Police Dog Killed in Shootout
  71. Police Can Inflate 'Street Value' of Seized Drugs
  72. Va. Police Arrest Dozens in Fugitive Sweep
  73. Wis. Officer Hurt in Rollover Cruiser Crash
  74. Fed: Fall In Officer Numbers 'Alarming'
  75. 'BB Gun' Recovered From Police Shooting Scene
  76. Officers Face Racially Aggravated Charges
  77. Plan to Reform New Orleans Police Department
  78. Britain: Officer Cleared in Protest Death
  79. At Chipotle, an Unofficial, and Prohibited, Discount for Officers
  80. New York City Officer Is Charged In Gun Theft
  81. China Holds Police Officials With Ties to Wang Lijun
  82. New York Police Department Manipulates Crime Reports, Study Finds
  83. Police Had Unusual Access to Nightclub Data, Suit Says
  84. Feds, Seattle Agree to Police Reforms
  85. Maine Officer Files Federal Discrimination Suit
  86. Officer Charged with Sexual Offences And Misconduct
  87. Bloomberg Softens Police Strike Comments
  88. Md. Police Foil Shooting Rampage By 'Joker'
  89. Police Group Calls for Gun Control Laws
  90. Calif. Officer Shot in Leg, Suspect Killed in Shootout
  91. Officers 'Stopped Violent Burglary In Progress'
  92. Misconduct Allegations Against Officers 'Proven'
  93. Police Limit Comic: July 29, 2012
  94. Police can get Skype data on request
  95. Ind. officer ambushed, suspect killed
  96. Texas Officer Killed in Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver
  97. Police 'Are Training G4S Staff'
  98. 'Police Staff Are Frontline' - Unison
  99. Olympic Police 'Security Keys' Lost
  100. Officers Arrested 'In Anti Corruption Probe'
  101. Olympic Officers Target 'Fake Police'
  102. NC officer foils coyote's chase
  103. NJ officers, EMTs deliver baby
  104. London Police Arrest 182 Activists Outside Olympic Park
  105. Officer Tickets 215 Phantom Motorists For Seatbelt Violation
  106. Anti-police marches continue in Anaheim
  107. Md. Officer Hurt in Crash with Suspected DWI Driver
  108. Kidnap Result: Officers Praised
  109. Off-duty Md. officer injured in gunfire
  110. Video shows ambush of officer shot in the head
  111. Woman chokes Fla. officer to demo attack
  112. Officer haunted by dogs he couldn't save
  113. Seattle, federal officials agree to police reforms
  114. Police lose Olympic keys, security 'not threatened'
  115. Ex-officer said daughter had cancer to get time off
  116. NYPD Cop's Killer Was Police Informant
  117. Mo. police shift from holding cells after shove sparked suit
  118. Officer Faces Charge After Car Hits Young Girl
  119. Shotgun Fired at Okla. Police Officer's Home, Car
  120. Pa. Officer Relives Shooting That Left Him Paralyzed
  121. Vegas Motorcycle Officer Suffers Head Injures in Wreck
  122. Calif. Police Probe Debauchery on Party Bus
  123. Oakland, Calif. Police Stung by New Criticism
  124. Washington Dept. Adds New K-9 to Program
  125. Infographic: How police investigators are using social media
  126. Officer saves baby on Chicago Skyway
  127. Police arrest man for Olympic tweets
  128. Founder of Anti-Police Website Faces Prison
  129. Anaheim police prove to be lying murderers (no surprise there)
  130. Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard Refuses to Take Any Dis
  131. Police Accountability Report Episode 54 – LRN.fm
  132. Free Ademo: An Overview
  133. House of Corrections; Yeah Right!
  134. Innocent Man Spends Four Months in Jail after Rochester, NY Polic
  135. 4 Anaheim Cops Block Photographer While Man Bleeds to Death
  136. Why does The Manchester Police Dept. think they are better then u
  137. Milwaukee PD Attempts to Obstruct Citizen Open Record Request
  138. Police Chief fires lieutenant again after his 15th suspension.
  139. Pregnant Women Require Beatings in San Antonio, TX
  140. A Message from Spokane CopBlock Founder Adam Murray
  141. Cop Makes Teen Strip
  142. Spy Car Protects Against Unscrupulous Cops
  143. Marc Stevens’ Habeas Petition for Ademo Freeman of CopBlock.org
  144. John Wheeler Targeted by Texas “Law” Enforcers
  145. Rochester, NY Police Obviously Believe that Badges Do Grant Extra
  146. Former Rochester, NY Police Captain Michael Leach Who Shot and Ki
  147. Police Union to Police Chief: ‘We’re just going to kick your butt
  148. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-18-12
  149. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-17-12
  150. Now Ignorance of Foreign Law Is, Apparently, No Excuse
  151. If You Haven’t Done Anything Wrong, You Have Nothing to Worry Abo
  152. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-19-12
  153. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-26-12
  154. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-25-12
  155. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-24-12
  156. National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 07-21-12 to 07-23
  157. National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 07-20-12
  158. Anaheim Shooting Brings Protests, Which, In Turn, Bring Still Mor
  159. Growing Evidence of Citizen Resistance to Marijuana Law Enforceme
  160. 12-Year Old Girl Tased in Victoria’s Secret Store
  161. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-28-12 to 07-30
  162. Milton Friedman on the Drug War
  163. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-27-12
  164. Rethinking Police Shooting Policies
  165. 10 Days in the Police Academy, 14 Years on Disability
  166. Roadblocks and Checkpoints
  167. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-14-12 to 07-16
  168. After Knocking on the Wrong Door, Police Shoot Homeowner
  169. National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-13-12
  170. ‘She was more afraid of the police’
  171. Can an Officer’s Misconduct Record Possibly Be His/Her ‘Personal
  172. Sheriff’s Office deputy, and former reality TV star aressted
  173. State police: Pa. trooper was DUI on duty
  174. Prince George's officer indicted for assaulting teen
  175. Essex 'Still In Shock Over Officer's Murder'
  176. Maine police get receive safety grant for portable, road closure
  177. Pa. Officers Defend Their Conduct in Civil Case
  178. Man Pulls Soda Can on Utah Police in Suicide Attempt
  179. N.Y. Officers Rescue Man in Cardiac Arrest
  180. Pipe Bomb Found In Police Station Yard
  181. Brave Officers Pluck Woman From River
  182. Police Shootings in Anaheim Highlight Deep Rifts in a Community
  183. National Police Misconduct News Feed Daily Recap 07-31-12
  184. Drugs, weapons in car of Ind. man who ambushed officer
  185. Mich. Police Officer Expected to Be Okay
  186. Man Arrested After Police Shooting
  187. Police: Calif. Professor Plotted Mass Murder
  188. UC Davis Pepper Spray Officer Says He Was Fired
  189. Despite the Rochester, NY Police Department’s “We Have Your Back”
  190. Man flees police, gets stuck in septic tank
  191. Pa. City Reverses Minimum Wage Pay for Police
  192. Fed: 'Internet Trolls': Police Need Clarity
  193. Police Staff Pay Deal: Result Expected
  194. Portland Police Update Breastfeeding Policy
  195. Ku Klux Klan: German Police Officers Allowed to Stay on Job Despi
  196. Emails to ex-Sanford police chief released
  197. Man Who Shot Texas Officer Sentenced to Life in Prison
  198. Scandal Prompts Pa. Police Accreditation Suspension
  199. Pasadena Leaders Seek Change on Police Force
  200. Ex Tenn. Officer Pleads Guilty to Threatening Prosecutor
  201. D.C. Police Chief orders officers to not interfere with citizens
  202. National Police Misconduct News Feed Daily Recap 08-01-12
  203. Once Lauded as Top DUI Enforcer, Thomas Kustra Proves Perverse In
  204. What Happened To Mitrice Richardson?
  205. U.C. Davis officer responsible for pepper-spraying students permanently removed
  206. Custody Death: Watchdog Reviews Officer's Evidence
  207. Police Let 'Fake Solicitor' Into Custody
  208. Two Calif. Officers Hurt by Woman Fleeing Stop
  209. Widow of Fallen Pa. Motorcycle Officer Files Suit
  210. Va. Officer's Life Spared by Misfire of Suspects Gun
  211. Off-Duty Philly Cop Bites On-Duty N.J. Officer
  212. Ademo Freeman Remains Resolute: Let the Circus Begin!
  213. Ariz. Man on Bicycle Shot at Police
  214. Police Impersonator Targets Elderly in the Baileys Crossroads Area
  215. Md. Police Find Writer's Phone With Social Media
  216. Olympic WiFi Police on Hunt for Rogue Hotspots
  217. DNA Test Seems to Clear Ohio Police Capt. of Murder
  218. Gunmen Tied to Drugs Kill 3 Officers at Mexico City Airport
  219. Video: Police imposters repelled from armed-robbery attempt
  220. Cop Block 101
  221. Disneyland Wiretapping Crime Spree
  222. National Police Misconduct News Feed Daily Recap 08-02-12
  223. NYC Won't Defend Sued Officer
  224. UC Davis Police Chief Overrules Panel, Fires Pepper-Spray Officer
  225. Video: Officer shot in chest, saved by vest
  226. Wis. police K-9 dies suddenly on duty
  227. Michigan Police Department Releases Video of Officer Being Shot
  228. Colleagues Accuse Seattle Officer of Excessive Force
  229. Police brutality story heats up: Anaheim PD faces evidence-buying claims
  230. Journalist Takes Wiretapping Charges to Trial
  231. Arkansas Police: Man Killed Himself in Back of Cruiser
  232. Kids Go Back-to-School Shopping With N.C. Officers
  233. Pa. Police Say Officer Shot Man During Struggle
  234. Fugitive who escaped Utah police car captured
  235. W. Va. police say man impersonated FBI agent
  236. Tenn. police choppers grounded, unused
  237. Rogue Metro Gang “Strike Force”
  238. Video: Irish police helicopter chases UFO
  239. Video: Ferrari runs over NY officer's foot
  240. Police Accountability Report: Episode 55 – LRN.fm
  241. ACPO: 'No Duty' For Officers To Brief PCCs
  242. Kansas City Woman Ticketed for Defending Herself on Her Property
  243. Two Employer Model For Police Staff 'Flawed'
  244. Armed Police Detain 'Kidknapper'
  245. Mother sues SF police over son's death
  246. Video: Officers kill Idaho fugitive
  247. NY police save baby deer from 20-foot-deep manhole
  248. Man shot after punching Pa. officer, grabbing gun
  249. Calif. city may let citizens review police use of deadly force
  250. Video: Officer steals from Goodwill bin on duty