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  1. ‘Humane Officer’ Shoots the Kittens

    A woman called the police department to complain about a family of cats was making a home in her wood pile in the backyard.  The woman was astonished by the responding officer’s conduct: From...
  2. Glendale AZ Police Department Embodies Salem Witch Trial Arrests

    Friday evening, August 31st 2012 at approximately 12 am I was wrongfully arrested because a couple bigots pointed at me with the unjustice of the “Salem Witch Trial’s.” Prior to this horrible moment,...
  3. [CA] Retired Officer Pierini charged with domestic violence felonies

  4. Peaceful Streets of Austin Captures Civil Unrest (VIDEO)

      In response to witnessing or perhaps being assaulted by a mounted cop, a citizen slaps the flank of a cop’s horse. Fortunately cameras were known to be present at the time of the arrest. Also,...
  5. Can an Officer’s Misconduct Record Possibly Be His/Her ‘Personal

    Blog post from Jamie Kalven: A drama is unfolding in Illinois courts that has profound implications for police accountability and governmental transparency. At the center of this drama is Kilroy...
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    Good Example of Police Abuse

    here you go, click to enlarge.
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    Red light camera

    Chicagoland has over 10,00 of these damn things:mad:
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