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BALTIMORE (WMAR) - Baltimore City Police have released the names of all of those involved in a shooting incident that happened over the weekend and involved one of their own.

The first officer involved has been identified as Detective Christopher Icenroad, 32, an 8-year veteran of the force who has no prior police involved shootings. The second officer involved was Detective Donta Williams, 28, and a 9-year veteran of the force who has 1 prior police involved shooting in 2010.

Police say just after 10:00 p.m. Saturday, a special unit which goes after the worst of the worst, spotted Leontey Kiah, who looked like he had a gun.

Officers approached Kiah in the 400 block of East Lorraine Avenue when he took off and ran into a house. Police followed him in and that when they say he reached into his wasteband and pulled out a gun.

Sounds like a righteous shooting. The suspect is in custody/hospital, and will be charged and jailed once he's healthy. Seven bullets might've been a bit much. But all in all, this could've ended much worse.