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    LAPD Break my VX1000 (expensive camera)

    I was fined $1,500 (roughly)
    The charges were as follows:
    -Unruly behavior
    -Willfully blocking free movement

    These were all fraudulent for these reasons:
    Skateboarding: We just finished lunch and my skateboard was left in the subway with the kid who was still eating.

    Unruly behavior: I can clearly be heard addressing the officer in a respecful manner, I'm not stupid, why would I try to start something with an authority figure that very well may hold my future in his selfish hands? It's the same concept as if you're on a date: if you make nice, you might get what you're after (relationship/sex/friendship,etc) and you don't just start spouting off "Nice TITS!!!!" The same thing applies to encounters with the law, always respectful in hopes they will treat me like a human being.

    Willfully blocking free movement: The skaters I was filming were jumping over a steel housing for trash cans, as it looks cool on film. In order to film at this particular spot with my particular lens, one must stand inside this steel enclosure. Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to have been blocking free movement of anyone, unless they wished to join me in the trash housing!

    Anyways. Try to avoid LA for the rest of your life. Just my best advice. It doesn't consist of movie stars on every corner and dreams being fulfilled for everyone, no it consists of poverty, corruption, way too many drugs, etc. It also smells like broken dreams and piss.

    Thanks for wasting your time reading this!
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